Fall Must Haves, Kids Edition

Now that Avery is 18 months old, she is starting to understand what clothes she likes and once dressed, models in front of the mirror! It is such a blast now that she is starting to enjoy what I buy for her! Granted there are definitely times that she is "not feeling an outfit"...for example, any time I try to put a jacket on this Florida baby, she looks at me and starts crying, like what is this thing?! 

A few weeks ago we went to Boston and Martha's Vineyard for my sister's wedding. I jumped at the chance to dress my sweet baby in fall clothes! The weather was just perfect; here are some pictures of my mini-me touring Boston! 

Touring Bunker Hill!

Ferry ride to Martha's Vineyard

Little model!

Here is a roundup of some of the things Avery wore in Boston, recent purchases and baby items I am loving!

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