Fall/Winter Family Photos

I am so excited to finally share this post with you! So many of you were messaging me about sharing affordable fashion for the whole family. These pieces can be used for not only family photos but also for family events through out fall and Thanksgiving! I also wanted to be sure that everything in this post is affordable, so it is almost all under $50 (with the exception of some mens items)!

Here are some tips for styling a group for family photos:

1. Pick a color scheme to coordinate off of vs. everyone wearing a matching pattern or the exact same print – that becomes overwhelming. Coordinating is best for the whole group although I often will match the girls in the same dress!

2. Here are some of my favorite color schemes. When trying to determine what colors to go with, thinking about your photo venue and what colors are in that space can be helpful! One year we did photos in a studio with a neutral background and bistro lights so we did bold colors! Some of my favorite color schemes include:

  • Black, gold, camel (maybe a pop of animal print too)
  • Black, white, blush
  • Burgundy, cream, chambray
  • Cream, blush, tan
  • Cream, blush, light blue
  • Gold, black, pink
  • Grey, white, tan
  • Grey, rust, oatmeal
  • Mustard, cream, black
  • Navy, dark green, mustard
  • Navy, dark green, cream
  • Rust, cream and light blue
  • Red, white, black

  • 3. I typically start with my outfit and then build out from there. But on occasion, if I find something that I love for the girls, we start with them! Add layers to create differentiation. For example if you have girls that are in matching outfits, you can add a fur vest to one or give them different shoes!

    4. Wear comfortable shoes! Everyone! There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable during a shoot and it won’t help all of the tips that I have below for keeping everyone happy :)

    5. When in doubt, chambray and cream colors work well to blend and add depth to the styling with out overwhelming the group look!

    Here are some lessons that I’ve learned while taking family photos for making things run smoothly:

    1. Go into the photos with a relaxed demeanor and be relaxed. I’ve found that the best photos are the ones where the kids are also relaxed and just having fun! Otherwise the girls won’t last long and are miserable doing the dreaded “fake smile”, you know what I mean, ha! Capturing moments in natural less staged photos is the most beautiful!

    Some ideas that work for us – go for a ‘walk” towards the camera, ask them to jump or skip, do ring around the rosy, sing their favorite song, have someone behind the camera act silly, and my personal favorite, just tell them how much you love them and how special they are! We did family photos a few weeks ago and I was telling Charlotte that she was beautiful, kind and strong while she was doing some pictures by herself. She started beaming and now likes to tell everyone that they have to attributes too!

    2. When you are working with a professional photographer or someone who is taking your photos, try to schedule your photos not only when the light is good, but when the kids are happy. After nap or morning normally works best for us.

    3. For our normal Instagram photos, I never make the kids take a picture with me if they are not in the mood to do so. That’s why sometimes you will see just one or the other in a picture! But for the long length of family photos, snacks and candy help! One of my favorite photographers had a stash of mini marshmallows during our family shoot a few years ago, and it was sooo helpful to keep everyone happy!

    4. Do something fun after your photos. Last year we went out for dinner and ice cream with grandparents and the girls were in heaven! It was helpful for the girls to have something to look forward to.

    5. Keep it short and take pictures with your kids first. Save any wife/husband photos for last because they will get tired!

    Here are some affordable finds to get you started on fall/winter family photos! I broke them up by Women, Men, Girls and Boys.





    I hope that this post is helpful as you are styling your fall and winter family photos!

    xo Meggan 

    What I Bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    The Nordstrom Anniversary Public Access sale is here!! Here are some of the items that I purchased and loved! I also included dupes for items that are not available in the sale any more! 

    I wore my true size medium in both the cardigan and the top! These Madewell jeans are the old version, and the new version of these jeans sold out almost immediately!  I found a dupe for them here!

    These adorable booties run TTS and go with everything! I am wearing them in the olive suede color but they come in several colors!

    This tee is sold out in the stripe, but comes in several other colors! Jeans are not from the Nordstrom Sale but I would also go with your normal size! I linked a dupe for these shoes as well :)

    One of my favorite pairs of pants hasn't been restocked from the sale yet so I linked some similar items!!
    Since this hat sold so quickly, I found a dupe for it that is SO affordable! And this bag is part of the sale and I love it! It comes with a cute pouch inside - 2 bags in one!

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access

    The day is finally here!! Early Access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins! I have been up since 3am my time shopping the sale and have had way too much caffeine already!  As I shared in my last post, the Nsale has been my favorite sale for years and this year it did not disappoint! 

    I know that so many of y'all are so excited about this sale and I wanted to put together a quick highlight of some of the amazing items in the sale before hitting the store this morning! Cardigans, plaid tops, comfy tees, boots/booties normally go the fastest! Happy Shopping!

    Cardigans & Pullovers:
    1. Barefoot Dreams Malibu Wrap 
    2. Topshop Long Open Front Cardigan 
    3. Oversized Waffle Cardigan
    4. BP Cocoon Cardigan
    5. Thread and Supply Wubby Pullover


    Pants & Jeans
    13. Zella Red Leggings

    Boots, Shoes & Accessories
    19. Madewell Earrings
    21. BP Bootie
    22. 1.State Studded Bootie
    23. Vince Camuto Pevista Bootie

    24. Sam Edelman Tall Boot
    25. Vince Camuto Over the Knee Boot
    26. Steve Madden Grey Mules
    27. Lucky Wedge Bootie
    28. Sole Society Scarf
    29. Chelsea28 Bag

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is probably my favorite sale of the year next to Black Friday, or as my husband likes to call it, my Superbowl! What I love about it is that you have access to new fall arrivals that are offered at sale prices before they go to their regular price. This year we have some trips planned to colder destinations so I will actually have use for some cooler weather layers!

    I got the preview catalog before we left for Alaska and had so much fun going through it (although this is just a tiny snippet of whats to come...the catalog pales in comparison to the sale every year)! But I know it gets reeeallly old quickly with everyone talking about it for an entire month. So I decided to wait to start talking about the sale until today! 

    The sale can feel overwhelming with all of the hype and large amount of items offered, so I wanted to break down the sale basics if you haven't heard of it before, share my shopping plan and how I am going to cover the sale! I want to be the best resource for you! 


    What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?
    The Anniversary sale offers brand new fall arrivals on sale for great prices before they go back to their normal prices for the season. The sale stretches across many departments such as mens, home and kids! I often buy Christmas gifts, teachers gifts and do back to school shopping for my girls!
     So many great brands like Tory Burch, Sam Edelman, Barefoot Dreams, Vince Camuto and Spanx go on sale. But because the sale is so popular things literally fly off the shelves! There are sometimes restocks, but not always. 

    When does the sale start?
    The key dates for the anniversary sale are as follows: 
    • July 12th at 12:01am Pacific - Early Access for Nordstrom card holders 
    • July 20th at 12:01am Pacific - Public sale begins 
    • August 5th - Sale ends and prices go up

    What is your plan for shopping the sale?
    I've been shopping the Nsale for years and this is my second year covering it as a blogger! I always set my alarm and wake up the minute the sale goes live at 12:01 am pacific and start going through all of the goodness! I typically am shopping for the most affordable basics (booties, boots, cardigans, tees, jeans), event dresses, and athleisure! This year I am also shopping for home decor, kids and mens. I've been saving for this sale for a while, ha!

    How will you share the sale?
    So on July 12th, first thing in the morning, I will have a round up of my favorite items and those that I think will sell out quickly on the blog. I will also share this on my insta stories with direct swipe up links. I often make multiple purchases since shipping is free to be sure items don't sell out! If an item is available for in store pick up I will normally chose that as well! 

    I am heading to the store to do a try on session as well on the 12th to discuss sizing! The girls are coming with me which should be interesting!

     Although I love the Nordstrom sale, it won't be the only thing I share for the next 4 weeks. But some posts to look for from me in the next few weeks are: 
    • specific posts based on department and price point 
    • fall wedding outfit ideas 
    • restocks during the public sale 
    • affordable work wear basics 
    • early Christmas gift ideas and teacher gift ideas 
    • styling and outfit ideas for family photos

    Do you have any favorites from the Nordstrom Sale Catalog?
    Yes! Here are some of my favorites so far! 

    Catalog links:  Main catalogMens Catalog

    I hope you have fun shopping the Nordstrom sale! Before you shop, I recommend taking an inventory of your fall clothes and make a list of what you are looking for! Also, set a budget - it can be SO easy to overspend and knowing how much you want to spend is really helpful! 

    Check back here on the 12th to see my sale picks! Please feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram if you have any questions or want me to find specific items for you! Happy shopping! :)

    Affordable Clothing For Girls on Amazon

    I have always loved to dress up my girls - from infancy to preschool age, I have so much fun with the girly side of being, well a girl! But with them growing so quickly, it is hard to justify spending a lot on a single outfit!

    So in addition to shopping at Target, Old Navy and other affordable reatailers, I started shopping on AlliExpress. I found a Fourth of July romper for Charlotte when she was under one years old for like $10 with free shipping!  That same romper I had seen at a boutique for $35! The shipping isn't quick, but for the price, it was worth it.

    Then I started to notice that Amazon actually offered some of these same items for the same price, but shopping through Amazon is just so much easier for me, ha! #naturalhabitat And they offer free prime on some of these items!

    Some tips for shopping these items: 
    1. Always read the reviews. Sometimes you have to take these with a grain of salt, but often if there are several reviews saying the same thing it will be accurate. 
    2. Check the sizing guide! Sometimes the sizing will include measurements which makes it easier to tell how the item will fit your little one. 
    3. Check the shipping dates and return policies. Try to eliminate any surprises! 

    I have been thinking about doing this post for a while now, and have been slowly collecting my favorite Amazon fashion finds for girls and wanted to share below! Here are some pictures of them in real life and then my Amazon picks!

    Affiliate links are used in this post, thank you so much for supporting us! 

    Charlotte's Romper {similar} {similar}

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