Avery's First Trip to Disney World

Hi sweet friends, happy Wednesday! So a few weeks ago, Kris and I took Avery to Disney World for the first time! We had mixed reactions whenever we told people that we were bringing a 7 month old to Disney...everything from excitement to "are you insane, she won't remember anything!". I ran in the Food and Wine Half Marathon which was the reason for the trip, so we decided to tack on a few days at the parks. I figured that at the very least it would be a new experience for Avery and at the worst she would be scared of the characters. The trip ended up being a huge success! She had the BEST time seeing all the characters, took naps in her stroller, went on a few rides and only had one melt down after I put on her sunscreen for the second time one afternoon! We were very blessed that my parents came with us as well...it was so nice to have two extra sets of hands. I am going to write a post this week about going to Disney with a baby because I definitely learned a lot! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend. 

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