Who What Wear Chiffon Mini Dress

I found this dress in my local Target a few weeks ago and fell in love! I had one of those huge "race car" shopping carts that wouldn't allow me to take my girls into the dressing room with it...so I just tried it on in over my clothes, ha! It was worth some of the strange looks because this beauty came home with me! The high neck and swiss dot detailing at the bottom make it feel so much more high end than a $33 dress from Target! 
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20 Best Forever 21 Finds

If you follow me on Instagram, you know of my favorite stores to find trendy pieces is Forever 21. Recently they have really had some amazing finds, but at times there are so many good choices that it can be a little overwhelming to go through. So, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! I bought number 1, 8 and 17 on a recent trip to the mall and loved them! Happy shopping :)
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Stripes & Roses

Happy Thursday friends! 
Our week has flown by! We have had fun playing with friends, getting ready for Charlotte's upcoming birthday and we had the chance to see my new niece! 

I wanted to quickly share this adorable skirt that I found for under $15! I love the price point, flattering silhouette and the fact that it also comes in a lemon print as well! The girl's shirts are from one of our favorite online boutiques, Moderne Child!

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T-Shirt (old, but similar) // Skirt // Shoes // Bag // Bracelet

Nordstrom Sale: What I Bought

Whew! What a day. It started at 3am and didn't stop! I loved shopping the sale online and in person at our local mall. I did my first real instastory try on sessions and loved chatting with you all regarding outfits - you are amazing and so encouraging!  My sweet girls were such troopers! Our mall trips are normally waaaay shorter and include a trip to a play place, but today was not as enjoyable for them! they had a fun afternoon at gymnastics to get out their energy! 

I wanted to share the items that I actually ended up ordering or buying in store - one of them was an add on to the items I linked initially! 

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This camo jacket was one of the first items I put in my shopping cart! I have another utility jacket, but it is fading a bit, so I knew I needed a new one. It was not available in my store so it will be shipped to my house early next week! It unfortunately sold out, but check back during the public sale if you are interested as items often are restocked at that point!

I fell in love with this Rebecca Minkoff bag and ordered it online to be picked up in store. I love the dusty lavender color and the suede material. This was definitely my "splurge" of the sale! 
 I love this scarf! The colors are soft and match a lot of the pieces I have in my wardrobe. It is $15 :)
 This pink mule was a last minute addition! I decided to try it on and it was so much more comfortable than I thought it would be! Even the Nordstrom associate we had an appointment with was shocked at how nice they were for being the BP brand! 

Like I shared in my Instastories, a backpack was high on my list of staples to purchase today. I absolutely love the quality of the faux leather of this bag - so much better than I thought it would be!

I ordered this top online in the morning and forgot to select pick up in store...so it is coming to me at home next week. I love the gathered jersey knit style! 

Another staple on my list were sneakers to wear on our THREE upcoming Disney trips! Sneakers are essential on these trips and or $55 I thought these were a perfect choice! 

 This Lush t-shirt was so good! It was $16 and such a great length and fit. 
When I linked this tunic originally I thought it had more of a shirt fit, but it is definitely more of a dress! I am 5'10" and my regular size was definitely long enough. It has a cute bow in the back and I plan on wearing it this summer and then into fall. 

I bought these candles from Voluspa as part of a 3-pack for $15. I thought they would be fun to use for teachers gifts or other occasions! 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

Good morning everyone! So I am one of the crazy ones that was up super early this morning shopping the Nordstrom Sale! I made a cup of coffee and got started rounding up my favorite items for you! When I started fashion/lifestyle blogging, my main goal was to help other women to find pieces that fit their style AND are reasonably priced! I will splurge on occasion for an investment piece, but typically the budget I try to stick to, makes me a sale shopping fan :)! However, as a new blogger I know the Nordstrom Sale barrage can get to be a bit much, so here are my boards below in one post to get you started! Affiliate links are included in this post.

I already bought some items from the sale that I think will sell out super quickly and were not available in my local Nordstrom (Treasure & Bond Gathered Pleated Front T-ShirtThread & Supply Camo Print JacketAddidas Sneakers, and the BP Multi Stripe Scarf). I also purchased the  Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Cross Body as my new fall bag but that one was available to pick up in store, so I will get that today! These were all items on my shopping list and today in store I am going to see some of the below in person and make a decision - I will share what I get on my instastories! Happy shopping babes!!

Voluspa Maison Candle Set $15.90 // 11 - Best Day Ever Bag $11.90 // 12 - Moonlight Sleep Shirt $25.90 // 13 - Mani Set $23.90

My Favorite Gift To Bring To A New Mama In The Hospital

Early this morning, my new niece was born! She has been prayed for and loved so deeply even before we knew she was on her way, today was such a joy! My sister-in-law is one of my best friends and it was such a happy day! I went to see her this morning with the girls (Kris was sick!) and got to bring her my favorite gift to bring to a new mama in the hospital. I remember my first time becoming a mom, there were a few things I wished I had, so I like to prepare a basket of goodies for the mom, dad and baby - but mostly the mama! 

Here is what I normally include in a pretty basket: 
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1 - A comfy pair of black pajamas. If my friend had a c-section I will typically do some kind of button up pajama dress for comfort. This pair is my all time favorite - and it's less than $20! 

2 - Something for the baby. This can be an inexpensive onesie, a cute blanket or anything that makes sense for that family. My sweet niece already has a lot of clothing so I picked a cute and colorful blanket and Avery helped me to pick out a lovey for her new cousin

3 - Then I add in some favorite snacks. For my sister in law I gave her dark chocolate kind bars and her favorite junk food, cheezits! 

4 - I also include some toiletry items like Batiste Dry Shampoo, a loofah, EOS lip gloss, Yes to Cucumbers face wipes and The Honest Company hand sanitizer. 

5 - I add a cute journal for making notes or writing down thoughts in the hospital or at home - even for thank you cards from folks who drop by with gifts! This one was from the Target Dollar Spot and looked so cute!

6 - I add some travel baby wipes to keep in the car, because you know as a mom you can never have enough! 

7 - Lastly I included a magazine in case there is some down time while nursing, etc, but that might be wishful thinking! ;) 

Blue Peplum Two Ways & 5 Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Happy Monday loves! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was super low key, which was SO nice after being out of town the weekend before! We had dinner with great friends, went to church, ran some errands, went on a walk and spent lots of time playing outside with the girls. 

I posted two different ways to style this blue ruffle peplum top {affiliate links used in this post} on Instagram and wanted to share the looks here on the blog. It is also currently 30% off with the code YESPLEASE! Yay! 

I love finding new ways to stretch staples in my closet and transform them with different accessories/layers. The first look is more of a summer look and the second is styled for fall transition! In South Florida the seasons are more like one hot summer, so fall transition is pretty much what I do all winter long. I do have a few trips scheduled to cooler locations this year and I am excited to get to wear some fun fall pieces! 

Summer Look 
Top (30%off) //  Jeans // Necklace (2 for $25) // Bag // Earrings (30% off!)

Fall Transition Look 

Top (30%off) //  Shorts // Necklace (30% off) // Bag // Earrings (30% off!) 

Speaking of fall transition, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost here! This Nordstrom Anniversary sale has been one of my favorite sales for years! It is a time when Nordstrom puts their new fall merchandise on sale, with some deep discounts! I have been fashion blogging for only a few weeks now but I am excited to share my tips with you that I have been using  to master this sale for a while now! 

This year the Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access sale starts on Thursday, July 13th at 12:01am Pacific Time. This sale is available to Nordstrom Card holders only. Last year I got up early in the morning to shop the Early Access and was able to snag everything on my wish list, but items sell out SOO quickly! 

On July 20th the sale opens to the public and ends on August 6th. Prices go up on August 7th. I found that some items are restocked for the public sale, so if you miss something, this might be a great time to try and find it! 

So here are 5 of my tips for shopping the sale like a pro

1 - Having the Nordstrom card is so key! This gives you access to the early sale along with a lot of other benefits. I have no other store credit cards, but Nordstrom's card. Kris and I are really careful planners when it comes to finances and I try to stick to a budget pretty closely, so having so many credit cards would be dangerous for my shopping desires LOL! 

2 - I plan to shop the sale online and select store pick up for the items that are in stock at my local Nordstrom. That way I won't miss out on them if I am late to the store...shopping with 2 kids always brings something unplanned...amiright?! I will go to the store to pick them up and then try on other pieces as well to purchase!

I will be doing fitting room sessions for Instagram so you can see what some of these items look like in person! 

3 - Take a peak at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog and see if there is anything that is a "must have" for you! This is a fun process to preview some items and get an idea for what is coming. 

4 - Take an inventory of your closet to see what you have/need for fall! There is so much on sale that it can be a bit overwhelming. Go into the sale with a strategy! Don't forget about their beauty items too - SO many great things on sale! One benefit to shopping at Nordstrom is that they have a very generous and flexible return policy which always gives me comfort! 

5 - If you are not interested in the Nordstrom card, you can still enroll in the rewards program with your phone number so you can start earning Nordstrom note rewards towards future purchases! 

I will have specific posts ready for you all through out the sale, with the first one going up between 6 and 7am on Thursday so you can shop early! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram! I'd love to help! 

How To Stay Cool In Summer: Work Edition

Honing your style for an office environment can be a challenge in general, let alone during the summer months when temperatures outside are scorching, and the office feels like a freezer! In today's post I hope to offer some realistic options for staying cool outside while being comfortable at your desk. 

You are probably wondering, what kind of experience do I have to be writing a post like this? So for several years, I have worked in Corporate Human Resources for very large to medium sized businesses, and then after becoming a mom, I started my own HR consulting business. I help leadership teams and business owners with a host of employment related matters including Executive Presence (EP). One factor that helps to determine success in attaining Executive Presence or being viewed as a leader is appearance (if you are interested, see more on this here from Syliva Hewett - the EP expert!). 

I was challenged by one of my favorite men's retailers Bonobos to share my tips and tricks for staying cool all summer long. So today's post incorporates two personal passions - fashion and office presence! I will share 5 things that worked for me as I defined my summer office style, and then I will share some professional summer looks for both women and men! 

1 - Determine your personal brand
Who are you authentically as a professional? What is the image you want to portray to your manager, colleagues, customers, etc.? What are your values? Defining your personal brand will help you as you are selecting your attire for work this summer and beyond. I have always been told that unless you have to wear a uniform, dress for the job you want to have. It helps with perception but also with your confidence! 
2 - Find a mentor/champion 
If you are looking for some guidance on what to wear in your specific office environment, try finding someone you admire, and take cues from how they dress. My first HR job was at a Fortune 10 business. I was fresh out of grad school at 23 and was trying to overcome the fact that I actually looked 18! I worked in the same building as our Chief HR Officer and had some exposure to her during meetings and projects. I made mental notes about how she carried herself and how she dressed so I could learn from her. I then found other mentors throughout my career where I gained knowledge and candid advice as it relates to dressing for work! 
3 - Read your Employee Handbook
So I know...snooze alert! I have written more employee handbooks than I can count, and almost all include specific guidelines on what the leadership team sees as professional attire...and what is not acceptable. Some offices are more creative or casual while others require a strict business professional look. At my first job, no lie, we actually had to send someone home for wearing a full body, skin tight "cat-suit" to the office! Take the guesswork out of it and take a peak at the dress code policy. 
4 - Combine the policy with your personal brand
Even if the office dress policy is less defined, think about what kind of message you want to portray as you are dressing for summer. It can be easy to show more skin with spaghetti straps, shorter skirts or the popular off the shoulder look (which is a favorite of mine!), but determine if that look is in line with the image you want to portray. Maybe yes, maybe no depending on the work environment. It is all about knowing yourself, your career aspirations, your current office environment and then picking your attire based on that! 
5 - Tips I learned from city commuting in the summer 
When I lived in New York City I would commute from my apartment to a business casual office via the subway. If you have ever ridden the subway in the summer you know how HOT it gets. Here are some practical ways that I stayed cool:
  • Stay away from fabrics that don't breathe - satin, polyester, rayon, etc. Fabrics that I found to be more comfortable are cotton, linen and light silk. 
  • On particularly hot days, opt for a sleeveless dress/top that is appropriate for your workplace, but pack a light sweater in your purse that you can put on inside for coverage.
  • Keep a blazer, wrap or jacket in your office just in case you need it. You can even try tying a scarf to your bag to accessorize it and give you another layering option!
  • Pack a small "refresh kit" in your bag. Things to include are {affiliate links} blotting papers, cooling wipes, travel size dry shampoo, a hair tie, and other products that make sense for you personally! 
  • Keep a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated and feeling cool outside during your commute - I love this marble Swell bottle for the office.
Here are some key pieces to help you and your guy stay cool during the summer days when you are working!

4th of July Table Ideas

Happy 4th of July!! 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays; I love celebrating our freedom and those who fight to help us keep it! When we were in Lake Placid for the holiday weekend, I snapped some pictures of our 4th of July table to show you guys - it was a show stopper! The best part is that it was designed using existing decor/items and getting creative! Below are some pictures, sources and ideas for how to easily recreate this look! I hope you enjoy! XO

This centerpiece is one of my favorites! Featured here is this Mason Jar Tote from Magnolia (anyone else Chip and Joanna Gaines obsessed like me?!) and it is filled with American Flags which you can find for about 50 cents on Amazon (affiliate link here) or even at the Target Dollar Spot. 

 The place settings are from Coton Colors which has THE cutest plates and servingware! Some of my other favorite places to buy themed tableware are HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Pier One and Target! 

To add to your 4th of July table, try this festive napkin idea! Take an American flag, and attach it to a fabric or paper napkin with a pretty ribbon (similar here). This ribbon was left over from Christmas and you would never know!  

The cheese platters on either end of the table were decorated with a white container holding flowers and blue and white candles. 

Easy 4th of July Outfit & Weekend Recap

 Happy 4th of July weekend! We spent the weekend with our family at the lake and it was exactly what I needed after a busy week! We went to a local 4th of July festival with the kids on Saturday and they had a ball! I love the closeness of a small town and how much the community celebrates together - it was like a big block party! Below are some pictures from our weekend! 

I wanted to share a super easy 4th of July outfit that I wore during the weekend! I have been looking for a great denim skirt and this one from Target has the perfect amount of stretch and distressing...and it's 20% off right now making it $19! My top is also 50% off!  Here are direct links to the items I wore: 
{affiliate links}

DIY Flag Backdrop from Laughing Latte {here}

Charlotte got her hand painted (instead of her face) at the festival and she loved it

   She always picks a cat - so now she was a patriotic cat! 

 Charlotte got to "drive" the fire truck! 

Charlotte was not giving up the kettle corn!!  

Sidewalk chalk drawings :)

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