Avery's First Trip to Disney World

Hi sweet friends, happy Wednesday! So a few weeks ago, Kris and I took Avery to Disney World for the first time! We had mixed reactions whenever we told people that we were bringing a 7 month old to Disney...everything from excitement to "are you insane, she won't remember anything!". I ran in the Food and Wine Half Marathon which was the reason for the trip, so we decided to tack on a few days at the parks. I figured that at the very least it would be a new experience for Avery and at the worst she would be scared of the characters. The trip ended up being a huge success! She had the BEST time seeing all the characters, took naps in her stroller, went on a few rides and only had one melt down after I put on her sunscreen for the second time one afternoon! We were very blessed that my parents came with us as well...it was so nice to have two extra sets of hands. I am going to write a post this week about going to Disney with a baby because I definitely learned a lot! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend. 

DIY Jewelry Storage Frame

I don't know about you, but I feel like I am constantly organizing my jewelry. I have great intentions of keeping my jewelry box organized but then reality of my busy life sets in and slowly but surely my jewelry box ends up in a disastrous state. It once took my husband 30 minutes to untangle one of my necklaces! After staring at the tangled pile of jewelry for too long I decided to take action and get organized :)  

This DIY cork board is a part of the organization effort I undertook;  it is the perfect way to store and view necklaces. It took about 45 minutes to make (minus drying time for the paint). It is made from:
- A vintage frame from Salvation Army (that I spray painted white)
- An unframed cork board from Michaels
- Burlap fabric
- Small gold hooks from Home Depot

Here are the steps that I followed to make this jewelry holder. 

Step 1 - Find a frame that you like and use furniture spray paint to change the look (if desired)

2 - Next, I had to cut the cork board a bit so it would fit into the frame. I used a utility knife and it cut fairly easily. 

3. Cut the burlap fabric so that there is a 2 inch border of fabric when the cork board is placed on top of it. Use hot glue to secure the fabric to the back side of the cork board 

4 - Then place the burlap wrapped cork board into the frame. Secure in the corners with hot glue. 

5 - Screw the small gold hooks into the top part of the burlap covered cork board. I chose to only do one row, but you can customize of course! 

Here is the final product! Now all of my necklaces are organized and untangled. I also added a cute mini dress form (TJ Maxx find) and a small jewelry dish that was made by my friend Katie to add to the display! 

Hope you have a great Monday!! xoxo 

The Perfect Utility Jacket, Under $50!

I have been on the hunt for a great utility/military style jacket. I have long admired how Blair and others in the fashion world wear them in unexpected ways. Although I would love to splurge on one like this jacket from Anthropologie, my budget will not allow it! The good news is that I found a ton of great options all for $50 and under. Here are my picks! 

This Camo Jacket from Old Navy is the perfect length and the $36 price tag can't be beat! 

 I love this military inspired boucle jacket from Mango! I found this fab jacket from Birdie to Be's blog!  Go check out her awesome style blog! 
 This utility jacket is from Charlotte Russe. I love the fitted cut and cinched waist. 

The following two military jackets are also from Old Navy and are less than $40! 

And finally this utility jacket from Asos has the perfect combination of military inspiration and fun hardware. 

A close up: 

Are you planning on investing in a utility jacket this fall? Have you found any that you love?
Happy Tuesday! 

Dating My Husband

Spending time with Kris is literally my favorite thing in the world. Since having our sweet Avery making time for dates has been more of a priority. I am so blessed to have a part time work schedule (Monday - Thursday) and I live for my Fridays with Avery! Well last month we decided that this Friday we would take Avery to her babysitter and we would go on a full date day! 

Spa Month happens every summer in Miami when fabulous spas offer deeply discounted packages for certain treatments. I booked the "Head to Toe" Massage for us at the W's Bliss Spa on South Beach. Here is our perfect day of relaxation in pictures! 

Cruise ships in view on the drive to South Beach! 

Our first stop was breakfast at the Big Pink. It is an institution in South Beach with amazing breakfast! 

I got a crazy huge latte (notice the hot pink tables :)

and a delicious waffle with strawberries! 

After a casual breakfast we headed over to The W on South Beach. We found the perfect spot right in front of the water and our relaxation began! 

Lunch consisted of two of my beachside favorites, a lobster roll and strawberry daiquiri

Around 2:30 we made our way to the Bliss Spa for our massages! They were pure heaven. As a part of the Miami Spa month package we each got a $50 spending spree of Bliss products! Kris gave me (aka I stole:) his $50 gift card so I got all of these fab products below! 

What is your idea of a perfect date day? Have a fabulous week my friends!

Falling for Navy

Happy Wednesday friends! This fall, I am loving navy! It seems like every time I make a purchase it is navy in color. I love how versatile it is and it is a great replacement for black in many situations. Here are my favorite navy picks for fall! 

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