Fall/Winter Family Photos

I am so excited to finally share this post with you! So many of you were messaging me about sharing affordable fashion for the whole family. These pieces can be used for not only family photos but also for family events through out fall and Thanksgiving! I also wanted to be sure that everything in this post is affordable, so it is almost all under $50 (with the exception of some mens items)!

Here are some tips for styling a group for family photos:

1. Pick a color scheme to coordinate off of vs. everyone wearing a matching pattern or the exact same print – that becomes overwhelming. Coordinating is best for the whole group although I often will match the girls in the same dress!

2. Here are some of my favorite color schemes. When trying to determine what colors to go with, thinking about your photo venue and what colors are in that space can be helpful! One year we did photos in a studio with a neutral background and bistro lights so we did bold colors! Some of my favorite color schemes include:

  • Black, gold, camel (maybe a pop of animal print too)
  • Black, white, blush
  • Burgundy, cream, chambray
  • Cream, blush, tan
  • Cream, blush, light blue
  • Gold, black, pink
  • Grey, white, tan
  • Grey, rust, oatmeal
  • Mustard, cream, black
  • Navy, dark green, mustard
  • Navy, dark green, cream
  • Rust, cream and light blue
  • Red, white, black

  • 3. I typically start with my outfit and then build out from there. But on occasion, if I find something that I love for the girls, we start with them! Add layers to create differentiation. For example if you have girls that are in matching outfits, you can add a fur vest to one or give them different shoes!

    4. Wear comfortable shoes! Everyone! There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable during a shoot and it won’t help all of the tips that I have below for keeping everyone happy :)

    5. When in doubt, chambray and cream colors work well to blend and add depth to the styling with out overwhelming the group look!
    Here are some lessons that I’ve learned while taking family photos for making things run smoothly:

    1. Go into the photos with a relaxed demeanor and be relaxed. I’ve found that the best photos are the ones where the kids are also relaxed and just having fun! Otherwise the girls won’t last long and are miserable doing the dreaded “fake smile”, you know what I mean, ha! Capturing moments in natural less staged photos is the most beautiful!

    Some ideas that work for us – go for a ‘walk” towards the camera, ask them to jump or skip, do ring around the rosy, sing their favorite song, have someone behind the camera act silly, and my personal favorite, just tell them how much you love them and how special they are! We did family photos a few weeks ago and I was telling Charlotte that she was beautiful, kind and strong while she was doing some pictures by herself. She started beaming and now likes to tell everyone that they have to attributes too!

    2. When you are working with a professional photographer or someone who is taking your photos, try to schedule your photos not only when the light is good, but when the kids are happy. After nap or morning normally works best for us.

    3. For our normal Instagram photos, I never make the kids take a picture with me if they are not in the mood to do so. That’s why sometimes you will see just one or the other in a picture! But for the long length of family photos, snacks and candy help! One of my favorite photographers had a stash of mini marshmallows during our family shoot a few years ago, and it was sooo helpful to keep everyone happy!

    4. Do something fun after your photos. Last year we went out for dinner and ice cream with grandparents and the girls were in heaven! It was helpful for the girls to have something to look forward to.

    5. Keep it short and take pictures with your kids first. Save any wife/husband photos for last because they will get tired!

    2017 Family Photo: The girls outfits are from River Island  and Joyfolie. My skirt is no longer in stock but this is a really similar one

    Here are some affordable finds to get you started on fall/winter family photos! I broke them up by Women, Men, Girls and Boys.





    I hope that this post is helpful as you are styling your fall and winter family photos!

    xo Meggan 

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