Picture Frame Alternative Project & Napa

Several months ago I bought a lot of plain black frames from Ikea for a ridiculously low price. I love Ikea's prices but I can typically only handle about one trip there every six months. It is so overwhelming!
I wanted to update some of the pictures in my living room so I combined vintage pictures with bible verses and framed them in
my Ikea frames! It was such an easy and free way to add something special and unique to this room. I used photoshop to add the text and simply added the image on the top layer. The key to this was removing the white background on these images to make the image transparent. I found a great tutorial online at this website that showed me how to remove the background using the Mac preview feature. I found the graphics from Graphics Fairy again...love this site!

Here is a picture of what mine looks like...again please excuse this lighting...I had to use my iphone!

I am so excited for this weekend. I am going to Napa for my sister in law's bachelorette party on Thursday! I went to Napa last year for my anniversary and it was such an incredible experience. I know this time will be no different! We are staying in downtown Napa and we will be wine tasting on Friday and Saturday. I will post pictures when we get back! xoxo
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