Maxi Skirts and Mexican Food

This may seem like the most random blog title, but it summarizes the highlights from my weekend!

Saturday started off with lunch at Seasons 52 with my friend Vicky. I love this restaurant because every item on the menu is less than 500 calories. It makes it easy to eat well. Our next stop was the mall and here is where the maxi skirt part of my story comes in. I have been searching high and low for a maxi skirt that met my very stringent wish list.

Here were my requirements:
1. Long enough - Being 5'10'' is great most of the time, but most long dresses and skirts are WAY too short for me
2. Fun color - I often gravitate towards neutrals and I really wanted a new skirt with a bright punch of color
3. Slimmer fit - Fit is so critical in any outfit
4. Pockets
5. Reasonably priced

Well I found the perfect pink maxi skirt at BCBG...and it was 60% off! Don't you love when the piece you have been looking for is on sale, putting it in your budget? I wore the skirt to dinner on Sunday night with my husband's family. I am so sorry for the terrible quality of the picture, but what do you think?!
bcbg maxi skirt
casual white t-shirt

gap jean jacket

francesca's pink medallion necklace

aliz earrings {check out April's awesome blog & giveaway here!}

It seems like I spent the second half of my weekend eating Mexican food! On Saturday, Kris and I went on a double date with my brother in law and his fiance to Dos Caminos. This is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC and they just opened up a location in Fort Lauderdale. They have the best guacamole and prickly pear margaritas!

On Sunday we celebrated my sister in law's adoption birthday at another great Mexican restaurant near the beach. I blogged about Michael's amazing wedding here and her wedding was actually featured on Southern Weddings here and here. Michael is such an important person in my life and I loved getting to celebrate her!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!
  1. That is a PERFECT maxi skirt and I just love that you wore the earrings I made with it! They were some of my favorites - so glad you're enjoying them :)


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