Random Acts of Kindness

I am not sure where to begin this post...the events of this past week in Connecticut were so tragic and horrific that words don't seem adequate.  I can't even begin to imagine how the families and friends of these children feel. One of my good friends Julie at The Happy Home Fairy wrote a beautiful letter to all the mothers who did not know that the morning they sent their little one to school on December 14th would be their last. I pray and have been praying for comfort and peace for those affected. 

I love Ann Curry's idea about committing to complete random acts of kindness in honor of the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. Paying it forward and bringing joy to people's lives are real ways that we can combat the hate and trouble that can seem so pervasive at times.  I am committing to complete random acts of kindness whenever I can, it feels good to give! Some of the ways people are carrying out their random acts of kindness are: 

- Paying a layaway bill at ToysRUs for a mom with five children
- Donating winter clothing at a homeless shelter
- Bringing a crossing guard a donut
- Giving a $10 gift card to the person behind them in line at Dunkin Donuts
- Leaving a letter thanking the mail man

 This movement made me think of an idea that I definitely want to do at Christmas with my children when they are older. It is a RACK {Random Act of Christmas Kindness} Advent calendar from TSJ Photography. So often during the holidays it can be all about what we want rather than what others need. Each day you have an activity to complete based around an act of kindness. While I think that some of the best random acts of kindness can come from spur of the moment ideas, it is nice to add some focus around the concept of doing them daily during December. You can go here to download a RACK card and see more about this idea.
                                                                      Source: tsjphotography.com via Meggan on Pinterest
  1. such wonderful ideas - think i'll leave a little something for my mailman. i get so many wonderful cards and packages in the month of december, it would be impossible to have all that joy at the end of a long day if it wasn't for him!


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