My Pregnancy Must Haves

When I was pregnant, there were a few items that I could not have lived with out! Pregnancy, although wonderful, can be hard too! Here are my pregnancy must haves that made it easier for me. 
1 - The Belli Stretch Mark Oil is incredible. I used it every night and morning. Not only did I make it through my pregnancy with out any stretch marks, it also smells like lavender which was the perfect scent to help me wind down from a particularly hectic day. 
2 - Glowology's "The Balm" is the ultimate moisturizer for your hands and feet. Mine became particularly dry during pregnancy and this lotion is amazing!
3 - Aveeno's Daily Scrub kept my skin looking great and clear. It is gentle enough for every day use and still exfoliated my skin beautifully. 
4 - Asos Maternity was my go to for maternity fashion. I found some beautiful and inexpensive dresses to wear for dressier occasions and every day. 
5 - I own Liz Lange Long and Lean Tank Tops from Target in every available color! I was so happy when I found these tanks because I was able to wear them over my maternity jeans and add a fun jacket, scarf or sweater that was non-maternity. For a tall girl like me they were a perfect fit and I wore them post partum all the time too. 
6 - When I became pregnant my mom made me buy this pregnancy seat belt. At first I didn't think it was necessary, but I grew to love it! Not only does it help to protect your little one if you are in a car accident it also keeps the strap off of your growing bump for comfort. 
7 - A body pillow is a must for sure. I used mine until I was about 9 months pregnant and then I used a wedge under my stomach. It helped me to get as good of a nights sleep as possible.
8 - Until about 20 weeks I had horrible morning all day sickness. It was so bad that the only things that would calm my stomach down were gingerale and lollipops. I definitely recommend trying a few things to see what will work for you!

  1. I have never heard of that maternity line. I need to get it out. I live in dresses when pregnant!

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