My Favorite Gift To Bring To A New Mama In The Hospital

Early this morning, my new niece was born! She has been prayed for and loved so deeply even before we knew she was on her way, today was such a joy! My sister-in-law is one of my best friends and it was such a happy day! I went to see her this morning with the girls (Kris was sick!) and got to bring her my favorite gift to bring to a new mama in the hospital. I remember my first time becoming a mom, there were a few things I wished I had, so I like to prepare a basket of goodies for the mom, dad and baby - but mostly the mama! 

Here is what I normally include in a pretty basket: 
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1 - A comfy pair of black pajamas. If my friend had a c-section I will typically do some kind of button up pajama dress for comfort. This pair is my all time favorite - and it's less than $20! 

2 - Something for the baby. This can be an inexpensive onesie, a cute blanket or anything that makes sense for that family. My sweet niece already has a lot of clothing so I picked a cute and colorful blanket and Avery helped me to pick out a lovey for her new cousin

3 - Then I add in some favorite snacks. For my sister in law I gave her dark chocolate kind bars and her favorite junk food, cheezits! 

4 - I also include some toiletry items like Batiste Dry Shampoo, a loofah, EOS lip gloss, Yes to Cucumbers face wipes and The Honest Company hand sanitizer. 

5 - I add a cute journal for making notes or writing down thoughts in the hospital or at home - even for thank you cards from folks who drop by with gifts! This one was from the Target Dollar Spot and looked so cute!

6 - I add some travel baby wipes to keep in the car, because you know as a mom you can never have enough! 

7 - Lastly I included a magazine in case there is some down time while nursing, etc, but that might be wishful thinking! ;) 

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