Holiday Gift Guide 03: Stocking Stuffers for Todders & Preschoolers

Growing up, every Christmas morning my family and I would open our stockings before sitting down for breakfast and then opening Christmas gifts. I remember as a child being so excited about the stockings, that I almost looked forward to them more than the actual gifts! My mom (ahem, I mean Santa), would do such a good job of finding just the items that we loved. My childhood love of stockings has continued as I am planning Christmas for my girls and husband as well.

So with that being said, today I am going to be talking about stockings for preschoolers/toddlers! One thing I try to do is ensure that I am not buying too many things for their stockings, and that I stick to a budget. If you are anything like me, you frequent the Target, Michael's and other stores with so many cute and affordable items. It is easy to keep buying and buying, and spend too much money, ending up with toys that don't even fit in the stocking - I speak from personal experience, ha!

One other thing that I try to do is add stocking stuffers that won't be looked at for a second and then thrown out. With Cyber Monday approaching this is a great opportunity to buy stocking stuffers that are affordable and your kids will love! Most of the items below are on sale and/or have free shipping this weekend! There are shopable affiliate links below this image to find these stocking stuffer ideas!

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1. Pipsqueak markers - I love these smaller sized markers for little hands. Plus they are washable PTL!

2. Little Paint Pods Watercolor - This is little watercolor set is so cute! My girls request to paint almost every afternoon after coming home from school and watercolors are my favorite for them to use.

3. The Learning Journey Match It Set - Avery is learning to read right now and these puzzles are going to be perfect to help reinforce those lessons at school! Her teacher in PK3 had this and I am so excited to add this in her stocking!

4. Hair Bows - A pretty and useful addition to any girl stocking! This 10 pack is only $14 with free Prime shipping!

5. Construction Utensils - How fun are these construction utensils! My husband has a construction company so my girls love anything building related! These are definitely going to be in their stocking this year!

6. Triangle Crayons - These Melissa & Doug crayons do not roll off of the table at restaurants and are helpful as little hands are learning how to write. My girls love them!

7. Marie WatchTurtles Watch - Avery is really into telling time right now and a watch is a great gift to wear to school as she is learning to tell time. I have also found really inexpensive ones at Walmart!

8. Pipes Bath Toy - A friend of mine has this really fun pipe system in her baby's bath tub and it was a huge hit! Plus it is easy to clean!

9. Plui Cloud Bath Toy - I learned about this toy from What Moms Love. They are such a great resource for moms! Basically you fill the cloud with water and then can control the rain falling down with a button. Super fun!

10. Animal Puzzle - This puzzle has 36 pieces and comes in a little bag making it the perfect size for a stocking.

11. Flash Cards on a Ring - I have gone through so many different variations of flash cards with the kids. I love the idea of the cards being on a ring! That way they stay together and don't end up spread out all over the house! I learned about this product from What Moms Love too!

12. Road Tape - endless fun for outside to create tracks for toy cars!

13. Unicorn Bandaids - Any kind of bandaids are great to include in stockings!  It always seems that fun bandaids help to calm them down more quickly. My girls love to use them like stickers sometimes, ha!

14. Babiators - Sunglasses are one of my favorite things to include in my girl's stocking. They are an essential for us here in FL and these babiators are just the cutest!

15. Leapfrog Remote - This remote keeps my 2 year olds attention for at least 20 minutes in the car - I call that a win! LOL!

16. Tube of Animals - I love this tube of animals to fill a stocking as an alternative to the candy cane filled with m&ms! I have seen them at Target as well!

17. Ella + Mia Nail Polish - Avery loves to get her nails done and I try to use this non-toxic polish on her little hands! We also like Piggy Paint.

18. Spinning Toothbrush - My girls go crazy over spinning toothbrushes! Charlotte was having an issue just trying to eat her toothbrush rather than letting me brush them, and after getting one of these, she is happy as a clam to have her teeth brushed!

19. Airplane set - These planes are a perfect addition to any stocking. Fun for the imagination and easy to bring on trips!

20. Helping Hands Fine Motor Set - Learning Resources is one of my favorite companies that makes educational and fun toys. Avery and Charlotte have several toys that use these fine motor tools. With these you can have so much fun sensory play!

21. First 100 Animals Sticker Book - The First 100 books were one of my all time favorites for the girls. The accompanying sticker books are so good and different than the typical princess stickers the girls use.

22. Fed Fun Eating Device - For picky eaters this is a way to make eating fun! Plus this company will give 2 meals to children in need with this purchase.

23. The Rhyme Bible - Avery is obsessed with rhyming right now and this bible is small enough to fit into a stocking and captures their attention while you are reading it! I bought this bible through one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah!

24. Board Books - Dear Zoo BookLlama Llama Holiday Drama Little Green Frog

25. Coco Chanel, Little People, Big Dreams Book - I got this for Avery when I was re-doing her room last year and it is such a great read that is also pretty styled on a bookshelf! They have many historic figures in this series, not just Coco Chanel!

26. Brainquest Cards - I bought these for Avery last year to go in her Easter basket and they are such a hit! We also bought their workbook and she actually loves to do it!

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