Winter Recipe

Before getting married two years ago I was not much of a cook. I was working and traveling so much that I lived off of take out, room service and pasta. I did try to make a carrot cake once and the recipe called for oil. Well I did not think there would be any problem with using olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Let's just say my cake was totally sunken in the middle and it tasted more like the olive oil than anything else!

When I moved to Florida I finally had someone else to cook for/with and because I had significantly more free time, I decided to learn how to cook. To start on this journey I started watching the Food Network and tried several of Giada de Laurentiis' recipes. We had a few nights where Kris and I o
rdered pizza instead of eating my "creation" but I got better every day. Giada truly taught me how to cook! Her book Every Day Italian is such a staple for me.

On Giada's cooking show this past Saturday morning she made an
incredible winter minestrone soup. It looks amazing and I can't wait to make it on our next "cold Florida night" :)!

The recipe is below and here. Enjoy and happy cooking! xo

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