Running In Style

Shoes,  Nike Racerback Top (on sale at Nordstrom right now!), Headband,  Neon Socks, Headphones, Arm Band for iPhone 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I just got a new pair of running shoes! I am obsessed with these Brooks Ghost 6 shoes so far. They have made my half marathon training so much easier. Prior to investing in them I was wearing an old pair of New Balance walking shoes to run. The Brooks Ghost 6 are so light and comfortable! Plus, having a cute pair of running shoes is definitely incentive to work out! Since I am just starting to get back into running, I am in the market for some new gear and accessories. Here are my top picks so far for running in style! 

Also, if you are interested in seeing the half marathon training schedule that I am doing, it is here. It is perfect for those of us that are seriously out of shape because it combines walking and running to get yo up to the 13 miles.  

Have a wonderful day! 
  1. I am in desperate need of some cute workout clothe. Lately I've looking more and more homeless when I go for my run! lol Love this pink and blue look :)


  2. LOVE these picks! Always on the search for great workout socks and tops!


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