Week of Frozen Crock Pot Meals

Happy Tuesday friends! After going back to work a few weeks ago, I found myself often coming home and realizing that I had no plans for dinner. For some reason every night I would forget to prepare anything in advance for the next day. This week I decided to try making all of our meals in advance on Sunday afternoon. They are all frozen in ziploc bags and will be cooked in the crockpot making it even easier, yay! 

Here are the prepped and frozen meals for this week (:
Monday - BBQ Ribs
Wednesday - Taco Soup
Thursday - Cilantro Lime Chicken 
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Chicken Fajitas
Sunday - Kris grilling out 

All of this preparation took me about an hour and a half. To have all of the meals ready for the week was such a great feeling! Tonight we had the BBQ ribs and they were delicious! 

I also made a new menu board using a chalkboard pen -wow what a difference from using regular chalk! I got mine here using Amazon Prime.

I will let you know how the rest of the week goes! 
  1. This is all sounds delish! We try to plan out our weekly meals to. Helps to stay organized and keeps us from going out all the time :) Love your scheduled date night too!

  2. We go back to school soon, so I will be stealing these recipes. The crock pot is a life saver!


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