A Floral Wrap Skirt, Two Ways

This Sunday was one of the first weekends where I was not volunteering in our children's ministry. I started working in the nursery when Avery was about 6-7 months old. Prior to that she and I stayed together in the mother's room, but she was starting to get mobile...and loud, ha! The other mothers trying to keep their infants asleep probably did not appreciate the babbling and me trying to keep her contained!

Avery had so much fun her first Sunday...and then realized what was going on the next week! She was NOT happy and full of separation anxiety. We tried a few times, but I would get called to pick her up every. single. week. One time I didn't even make it to my seat - LOL! It was Christmas, they were super packed...and she was over it.

So, I decided to try my hand at going with her to the nursery as a volunteer. Well it worked! Over time she got more comfortable with the room and the other volunteers. The amazing thing is that I found that I loved my time helping other parents to go to church, and playing with their sweet babies! I am taking some time off now as I have done it for four years, and need to look for my next "thing" to get involved with at church!

So since I was not working this Sunday I had the chance to get dressed up a bit! I was able to wear this cute floral wrap skirt both to church and then for shopping/dinner with the family later that night! So here is how I wore this skirt two ways :)

Look One Worn To Church: Floral Skirt // Off Shoulder Chambray (Old from Nordstrom) Similar Here & Here // Fringe Earrings // Bag (Prada) // Shoes

Look Two Worn To Dinner: Floral Skirt // T-Shirt // Jacket is old (Similar) // Sunglasses // Hat // Crossbody Bag in Stone // Fringe Shoes are old (Similar - 50% off!)

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