Our Mac & Mia Experience

Last week Avery's sweet grandma sent her a box of clothing from Mac & Mia. I had never tried it before, but have seen advertisements on Facebook, so I wanted to share our experience with y'all! Mac & Mia is a non-subscription service where a stylist hand-picks items for your little one, and the items are delivered to your door! They consider your child's size and how items run (large or small) to try and send items with the right fit. The styling fee is $20, but it is waived when you keep two or more items from the box. And if you decide you like everything, then the styling fee is waived AND you get 15% off the total. I like that it is a non-recurring service, because I am the worst at remembering to cancel or postpone them each month!

Now onto the good stuff...what was inside our shipment! The packaging is super cute and comes with a list of your items, their pricing and an adorable paper doll/sticker set. Some of the stickers match the items in the box, which Avery loved...until her little sister ripped it apart #sisterproblems

First up is this cute Angel Dear Watermelon Dress! I had a few Angel Dear pieces for Charlotte and loved them because of their super soft material. This muslin dress feels like an Aiden & Anais swaddling blanket but the muslin is much thicker. And it has a cute watermelon print! Perfect for a hot summer in Florida :)

Next up is a mint green cross back top with matching leggings. This top is my favorite! I love the light muslin material and the cross back is the cutest. The leggings by Petit Peony (here) are super soft and actually fit my little peanut! Avery is super petite (hysterical considering I am 5'10") and we have a hard time with pants being too long, but they got it right! The package also included a super cute pink, fabric bead necklace, which was definitely Avery's favorite! She wore it to school the next day with her uniform.

This coral/peach dress by Everbloom (here) has embroidery and tassels! I wish I had for myself! The bright colors and embroidery make it such a fun summer dress. One thing that I love about Mac & Mia is that it introduced me to some new brands that I had never heard of previously. For example Everbloom is the cutest brand!

The shipment also included a super cute peplum top by Nano (here) and jean shorts from DL1961. The peplum top feels so grown up for my 4 year old, but it looked so cute on! And the shorts will be on heavy rotation this summer!

After talking to Avery about what she liked and sending pictures to her Grandma (who loved it all), we decided to keep all of the pieces. They will be perfect for our summer adventures! Overall, I was really happy with all of the items that were sent to us from a quality perspective. The price points varied, but the total cost after everything was purchased (15% off) was about $170. I wouldn't use Mac & Mia as a regular way to update my kid's wardrobe because I try to shop sales and find great deals with them changing sizes so often, but I think it is a fun splurge to add some unique items to Avery's wardrobe. We really enjoyed our Mac & Mia experience!

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