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Time is one of the only things that we need more of, but that we can't get back. In my work life as a small business owner, I am uber organized. I am on time, meet deadlines and the people I work with even tease me for being so "on it". When I had Charlotte and became a mom to two, I struggled with the extra mom responsibilities and keeping up with everything. I was missing things everywhere. I thought it would be double the work, not 4 times the work, ha! It has been a major learning curve and I am still learning how to balance it all. 
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Today I am excited to share some strategies that I have used to reduce stress and maximize my time with the girls during the school year as we are headed back to school next week! I have been thinking about doing this post for some time now because it has been an area where I have personally made some major progress and have seen the benefits of using these strategies. So here we go!

1. The first tip is something you have heard before, but get and use a planner (or find a phone/computer based system that works for you). I use this  Emily Ley planner and it has been such a huge help! It fits in my large tote and I write everything down that has to be accomplished for the day marking things off as I go. I will also take the school calendar and will write all major events/breaks for the year in my planner so I don't forget anything. I transfer major events and reminders to a framed family planner in our kitchen like this. That way my husband can also see what is going on and I am not scrambling in the morning because I forgot it was Wacky Hat Day! 

2. Pick out your kid's clothes for the week and organize them by day. I use an organizer like this that hangs in the closet to place their clothes in. This has been such a huge time saver in making our mornings go more smoothly and ensuring we have clean and ready to go uniforms! 

3. Determine your morning routine and prepare for it. If you make coffee in the morning, then make sure that you have water in your Keurig machine, your coffee mug is ready to go, etc. Anything you can do at night to make mornings easier and smoother, the better! 

4. I pack all of the girl's lunches for the week in advance. This has been one of the biggest time savers. It takes me 45 minutes to pack lunches for 2 girls for a week It has been such a blessing to not have to think about lunches at night or in the morning! So here is what I do...on Sunday night, Kris takes point on bath/bedtime prep and I make lunches. I use these bento boxes, these mini inserts, and these silicone cups to store their lunches. I cut all of the fruit, veggies, protein, etc at the same time and distribute evenly into their lunch boxes. If I am making sandwiches, then I will wait to put on the mayo/mustard until the morning. I stack them in the refrigerator and breathe easy knowing lunches are taken care of for the week!

5. Plan quick and healthy breakfasts that your kids will eat. Mornings before school are not the time to battle it out over eating with a toddler, ha! Everyone will be stressed! It took us a while to determine what works, but my girls normally have a smoothie or fruit/veggie pouch and organic pancakes or waffles that I buy frozen from Trader Joe's. On the weekends or special school occasions we will branch out to fancier things.

I hope those strategies are helpful to you! If you have any suggestions or ideas for me I would love to know!

 Since I have been so focused on maximizing time, AND in the market for a new watch, I was thrilled when JORD Watches reached out to collaborate with me on a giveaway for my readers! They make the most beautiful wooden watches.

I was so excited to pick the Frankie Series Zebrawood + Champagne watch. It is so gorgeous in person, every time I wear it I get questions about it! I love the oversized face and the champagne color that matches everything. I also how light weight it is. My watch is made of 100% natural hand-finished wood and it has an ultra-slim design.

Their women's watches are beautiful, and their unique men's watches are amazing as well! I keep thinking that my husband would love one as a gift for Christmas or our Anniversary.  They offer custom engraving as an added feature!

Now for the giveaway! Every person who enters will have a chance to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site! One lucky person will win, but everyone will receive a consolation code worth $25 once the contest ends.

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Thank you JORD for sponsoring this post. As usual all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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