A Secret Garden 2nd Birthday

My sweet baby Charlotte turned two on Monday! How can this be? We celebrated at our family's lake house with Charlotte's cousin who is exactly one day older than she is! I have dreamed of doing an Enchanted Garden themed party for years and I decided that this was the year to do it! We planned on doing the party under a magnolia tree in the front yard, but after we set up, it started raining! :( We decided to move the party up under the front porch so everything would stay dry. So my vision didn't completely come to fruition, but the girls had a great time and I was still able to use key pieces of the party! Here are some pictures from our weekend! 

This cake is my second attempt! The first time that I tried to bake it, I didn't use enough flower to ensure the cake did not stick to the pan. Oops! Thank goodness I live near our grocery store! I use Pillsbury Extra Moisture with this Wilton icing recipe for all my cupcakes and cakes - it is seriously so good!  For this cake I followed instructions for a naked cake with chocolate ganache glaze drip. I then decorated it with fresh flowers!

In addition to cake, we had these pink smashmallow marshmallows on sticks and donuts decorated with faux flowers ! 

Each party guest had their own donught on a cupcake stand. The tea set is from Pottery Barn here. {affiliate link}

 Cutest cat ears - similar here {affiliate link}

 Cutest birthday girl!

Inside the house, my husband's mom decorated the most gorgeous princess themed table for the family to eat! Isn't it perfect!?

  1. You are one talented woman! Everything looks as if it were out of a magazine. So dreamy and perfect!


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