Fall Wreath and Flower Tutorial

Back in February I made my first yarn wreath and it hung on our door until yesterday when it was replaced by a new fall wreath. I wanted to make a wreath that would stay current throughout the fall so I used red, gray and camel colors. I also mixed up the type of flowers that I used, but I still wanted to keep a clean and classic look so I didn't use that many.  

Here is my finished product! 
In this tutorial I will walk through the process of creating the wreath and two of the flowers that I made. 

- Large straw wreath with plastic cover
- One bundle of yarn (I used a heather gray color)
- Hot glue
- Felt in various colors
- Glass pearls
- Scissors

1. Wrap your wreath with the yarn. Follow step 1 of the tutorial I did in February to complete this step. I wrapped my wreath while we were watching the Florida/UT game this weekend and it took me about 45 minutes to finish. 

2. Start to plan out the area of the wreath that you want to decorate. I started out by creating a focal point with a large red flower and then building out from there. I found a tutorial for a dahlia flower at Not Martha and put a twist on their creation for the large red flower on my wreath. 

3. To create this flower, cut about 25 petals in the shape below from felt. Mine were about 2 inches long. 

4. Cut a small circle from the same felt. Then wrap one side of a petal over the other and secure with hot glue or some other type of fabric glue. Start to glue the petals to the inside of the circle you have just cut, and continue to add petals working around in a circle. 

5. Continue to add layers in a circular pattern, until you have at least 3 layers. 

6. Next, cut a small continuous circle from felt and wrap for the center. It is the same concept as the next flower I will cover. Add a pearl to the center of the flower. 

7. The next flower that I made is the small camel wrapped flower. Start with a small square of felt and begin to cut one continuous circle until you cut to the middle of the circle. I feel like these are harder to explain, but easier to show in pictures...see below!

8. Wrap the flower starting from the center of the flower and glue the felt together periodically. Add a pearl to the center as well if you would like to.  

9. Once you finish your flowers lay them out on the wreath to figure out your placement. 

10. When you are satisfied with your layout glue down your flowers, and hang your wreath! 

Here is a picture that Kris took on Sunday night after I finished the wreath and hung it on our front door. 

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xoxo Meggan

  1. Looks great! I started making one last night but only got the yarn wrapped around the wreath so far! Those flowers are way easier than what I was going to do! thanks!

  2. I had to stop by to see your creation after your comment. This looks fabulous! You are really good at those felt flowers; so jealous!

  3. You did a great job! It's really cute, I like it.

  4. Wow, this is amazing! Might just have to try it x


  5. Awesome job! Love that! You did an amazing job!

  6. Meggan that's so cute! I totally would love to make one for my door! Awesome work!

  7. Cute!! I can't believe you made those felt flowers, they're sooo nice! I love the red one. If I tried to do this, I think I'd get hot glue everywhere... but I'll keep this in mind if I'm feeling crafty.


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