We Still Remember

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I can still remember vividly where I was on September 11, 2001. I was a junior at Furman University in South Carolina, and was sitting in Dr Friis' Spanish morning spanish class. I had gotten my Starbucks, was wearing an ADPi t-shirt and was going about life as normal. Dr Friis was a New Yorker and came into class with tears in his eyes. He said that class was cancelled because America, and in particular his home city, had been attacked. I ran back to my apartment to turn on the news and started calling my family who all lived in New York and New Jersey. Of course none of my calls were going through, but I eventually learned that my family was safe. September 11th profoundly affected my view on life. It reminded me of what is important and made my heart hurt so deeply for those who lost their lives or loved ones.  One of my good family friends worked in NYC and stayed there for several days to be a part of the rescue effort. It's incredible to hear about his stories of what the days after 9/11 were like, and the fact that he stayed just because it was the right thing to do.  Although it has been ten years, I never will forget the bravery, sacrifice and faith that our country showed during that time and continues to show. God Bless America! 

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  1. I still can't believe it was 10 yes ago.

  2. hard to believe 10 years has passed already, so glad that all of your family is safe and each of us will remember exactly what we were doing when we found out, it has forever changed us


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