Monday Night Football, Celebrity Sightings & A Guest Post!

Monday night kicked off the Miami Dolphins football season, and Kris and I went to watch them take on the New England Patriots. Kris' family has been fans of the Dolphins for years and have season tickets so we typically get to go to a couple of games each year. The atmosphere at the Dolphins games is so much fun and I actually enjoy watching the game!

 I have learned a lot about football through Kris over the years, especially since the first time that we saw Dan Marino at the airport, and Kris told me who he was, I responded, "oh like from Ace Ventura"? Ha! I think Kris had a heart attack that I didn't know who the most famous Miami Dolphin of all time was.  

Here was our view of the field. It was a great game, but sadly the Fins lost :(

Kris and I at the game

Random candid picture 0f me trying to take a picture with Kris before he was done eating! 

No lie, one of my favorite things about Dolphins games are the pulled pork sandwiches - they are ridiculously good!

Here comes the celebrity sightings part of my post. The Dolphins have several celebrity limited partners including Fergie, and there always seems to be a ton of celebrities at Dolphins games. We saw Josh Duhamel, Marc Anthony, Will Smith, Nelly, Pittbull, & Dwayne Wade. Fergie was actually sitting about 6 rows behind us in the owners box (picture below). 

Also, I wanted to tell you that I was a guest blogger over at Zoe's blog, Style Foodie today! I shared my shopping guide to Chicago and my perfect fall outfit for doing said shopping.  I just love reading about Zoe's adventures in Chicago and you will too! 

Have a fabulous night! 

xoxo Meggan
  1. WHAT AMAZING SEATS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW-ee!!!

    PS: does Fergie look as old in person as she does in pics?!?!?!

  2. wow very nice post ... thanks 4 comments on my blog ...

  3. Wow...awesome shot of Fergie. That is so cool that you saw her!

  4. love this style photograph- looks like you guys had such a fun time


  5. Looks like you had an amazing time! I can't believe Fergie was there! So cool!!


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