DIY Restoration Hardware Inspired Books

A few weeks ago I received the massive Restoration Hardware Source Book in the had 600 pages filled Restoration Hardware goodness! Because basically all of the catalog is out of my budget (still not sure why they sent the catalog to me!) I decided to try and add some RH inspired decor to my house. Enter these fabric covered books that are all over the Source Book and the Restoration Hardware store near my house. I love how they add a classic and simple look to any book shelf. 

Here is how I created my own Restoration Hardware fabric covered books! 

1. A book you don't mind cutting up (I got mine from Goodwill for 50 cents)
2. Exacto knife
3. Cream colored fabric (I used left over linen that I had from another project, but any kind would work)
4. Hot glue
5. Fabric Scissors

Optional, only if you want painted numbers on the spines
1. Number stencil
2. Fabric paint and paint brush
3. Sand paper

1. Using an exacto knife, cut along the inside spine of the book, so the page portion of the book is removed completely. Remove the inside of the book. 

2. Cut a piece of cream colored fabric that is a bit larger than the height and width of your book. 

3. Begin to hot glue the fabric to the inside of the book. You an also use a spray fabric adhesive to help the fabric stick to the book, but I did not use it. Glue fabric to the top, bottom and one side of the book. 

4. Before you glue the fabric to the last side of the book, add the inside of the book back by gluing it to the spine. 

5. Pull the remaining fabric tightly and glue it to the last side of the book and you will have this! 

6. You can either leave the books as is with cream fabric or add painted numbers to your book as I did. To do this I took a stencil and painted the spine with fabric paint. 

7. Allow the paint to dry. I sanded down the paint lightly to give it a vintage look

 Here is my finished product! I am planning on making a bunch of these for our bookcase as well. I think it would also be really cute to add some twine around the books or maybe use burlap to cover them! 

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I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 
xoxo Meggan
  1. Love rh! I never buy anything though. So glad you've made an affordable and easy copy!

  2. Oh gracious. I'm definitely going to have to do this. I'll have to hit up our local Goodwill soon for books that I wouldn't mind deconstructing!

  3. That's so creative Meggan! I love it! And I agree with you, I love RH but it's so expensive! I've been taking bedroom inspiration from them though. Love it!

  4. These turned out great! I love RH but also can never afford anything!

  5. Awesome project!! Just found your blog... looks right up my ally! :) Cheers!

  6. What a creative idea this is!! I am all for a great knockoff!

  7. you are so cute with your projects!! i love this one a lot

  8. This is so creative! Cute blog -so fun! :)

  9. I love RH DIY!! Thnx for the tutorial!!!


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