Weekend Wrap Up Via Instagram

Happy Monday! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was CRAZY busy but really fun! I took a ton of pictures with instagram this weekend so I am linking up with Ashley from A Little Dash of Ash for her instagram party.

Our weekend started out on Friday at the 100cameras fundraising event for Cuban children that I told you about here.  It was a huge success and so much fun! My mother in law and sister in law co-hosted the event, and I am so proud of their hard work! 

On Saturday morning, I got up at 3:45 (yes, that is not a typo!) to take a 5:45am flight to Greenvile South Carolina. We had a wedding to attend for friends from college. The wedding was a bit unique as the bride and groom are having a small ceremony for their family in a few weeks and then jetting off to Australia for several weeks. So this weekend was more of a party to celebrate with friends. If you can believe, I forgot to take any pictures of the actual event! I was so caught up in seeing old friends from college that I totally blanked. Anyway, I did document our day in Greenville before the party! 

**So my husband Kris and his buddies are growing moustaches for an upcoming bachelor party, hence the new look he is rocking! At the wedding party this weekend our friends had three questions for Kris about the moustache: 1) A moustache, really??, 2) why are you growing it?, and 3) what does Meggan think! Ha! I am don't love the moustache but I love Kris...and that he is shaving it in 3 weeks! (:
The UF game was so painful to watch! LSU is an incredible team and with out our quarterback, a win was just not happening.  How did you spend your weekend? 
Hope you have a great Monday!! 
xoxo Meggan
  1. I absolutely love Greenville! My boyfriend's family is from there, and going to visit is so fun. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Looks like you had such a fun weekend! The mustache situation is so funny...not sure how I would feel about my husband growing one either. ha. :)

  3. How fun! Greenville is heavenly. My youngest sister Laura used to work at Nosedive but is now the manager of Soby's on the Side!

    So do tell ... who is this friend getting married?!

  4. that bloody mary looks AMAZING!!! thanks for linking up! xxoo

  5. great pictures! :D Xx


  6. French Fry Nachos?! Ohhh lawd have mercy.

  7. That Bloody Mary looks delicious... and that burger! WHAT! I'm starving now... and it's 10:15 p.m... HA HA!

    It looks like you had an awesome weekend! XOXO, Stephanie

  8. Looks like a fun-filled weekend! Hah! Love the stache!

  9. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I love these photos and I love instagram (and I love your blog, obvi :)

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

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  10. Great pics! Looks like a fun-filled weekend! Nachos and cheese fries are my biggest weakness, together... total heaven. Must try! xo


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