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Hi loves! I am so sorry I was completely MIA last week; I missed you! It was one of those weeks where I had no spare time after work, but my week was still amazing. We had two birthday celebrations for my husband Kris' 34th birthday and I took a weekend trip with Terri, Kris' mom, to Mt Dora for their annual craft show.  So I am linking up with Ashley from A Little Dash of Ash for her instagram party to re-cap my week/weekend.

On Thursday night we threw Kris a birthday party at this amazing Michael Mina restaurant called Bourbon Steak in Miami. As you may already know, my husband has been growing a moustache with several of his friends for a bachelor party next weekend (and then he is shaving it, praise the Lord!). Anyway, I decided to throw a "stache bash" for his birthday with unique moustaches for each guest! We ate an incredible dinner (my lobster pot pie is below) and laughed at our funny moustaches. It was an incredible night! 

On Friday Terri and I drove up to Orlando and we went to the Mt. Dora craft fair with several of Kris' other family members that live in Orlando. Mt. Dora is an incredible small town with beautiful antique stores, bed and breakfasts and a huge craft fair that is put on once a year. 
We ate lunch at the cutest Garden Gate Tea Room. Their menu was amazing (top left) and I had the best pumpkin bisque (bottom left). There were so many unique vendors including someone who made jewelry holders from wedding china (top right) and a man with a chicken hat (bottom right) ha! 
I found a couple of pieces for our house that I am really excited about. I love this "you are my sunshine" wooden art piece from a vendor called Go Jump in the Lake, and a Chanel inspired vintage window for our guest bedroom. I also found a vintage suitcase and Coca Cola wooden tray from a large antique mall.

Now I need to figure out where all of these pieces will go in our house! I hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful Monday! 
  1. oh my gosh, the staches are cracking. me. up.

  2. love your instagrams!! thanks for linking up :)

  3. where is this little vendor of yours?? i need to shop there too. what a fun party staches and bourbon i love it!

  4. the staches are great! :]
    & i love all your photos!

    hope you had a great monday!

  5. Cool pictures =) I love the Chanel vintage window, so cute!

  6. I would love to attend a Stache Bash party!! Great idea!! What a lovely weekend and great finds!!

  7. I love that you are my Sunshine sign!! That's so cute. I love craft fairs, good scores you lucky girl!


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