Black Friday's Fancies

Black Friday elicits a variety of different emotions depending on who you are. Some could not imagine a more horrible experience than dealing with the crowds searching for a deal while others wait for this day all year to find that best buy (no pun intended :). 

I fall somewhere in between these two extremes and am willing to deal with some crowds to find a great deal! Last night however was a new experience for me. I went to Wal-Mart with my mom at 10pm to buy $2 DVDs. This is her annual tradition and I joined her for the expedition. No other Black Friday experience would have prepared me for what was to come! We arrived at Wal-Mart at 10:15ish when the sale began to be met by barricades, EMTs, police cars and hoards of people. As we entered the store, and asked where the DVDs were, other patrons muttered "good luck"...not a good sign! We made it back to the DVD section and saw this craziness.
I started grabbing all the DVDs I could find that we don't already have and found a "safe aisle" (aka the bedding section) to call Kris to see what we already have. After several rounds of this I ended up with 2 blue rays and 8 regular DVDs. 
We could only stand the madness for about 20 minutes before we fled for the lines. Someone had just dropped a glass item and the DVD mob started chanting "oooh" and "you break it you buy it".  My mom is a Black Friday master and found a shorter line and we only had to wait about 15 minutes. 
When we made it to the check out, our attendant had just finished haggling with the person in front of us over a $2 price difference and then promptly chugged a 5-Hour Energy drink and chased it with a bottle of water.  My grand total was only $27 which was great, and although the experience was quite comical, I don't think I will be going to Wal-Mart again on Black Friday! 

I must be a glutton for punishment, because today we are going to brave Black Friday at mall. I am hoping it is a bit more calm than the scene at Wal-Mart and I plan on hitting up some of my favorite stores like JCrew, Loft and Michaels. After last night's debacle, I want to wear the most comfortable outfit and not sacrifice in style! Below is my Friday's Fancies outfit for {av}'s link up at Long Distance Loving. My ideal black Friday outfit includes jeggings, flats, and a comfortable sweater. Also a cross body bag is a must because it would allow me to have both hands available to hold all of my purchases! 
I hope my husband is not reading this (: Just kidding...kind of! 

Whatever you do on Black Friday I hope you have a wonderful day! 
Wish me luck at the mall! 
  1. Oh wow! You are so brave to venture to Walmart for Black Friday! Looks like it was worth it though!!!

  2. You are a brave brave woman!
    Loving that sweater girl!

  3. Love the outfit and that Wal-Mart excursion sounds CRAZY! Nice deal on the DVDS though!

  4. you are so brave to enter walmart on black friday - so glad you had a successful venture!

  5. I've never gone black friday shopping but it sounds like you had quite the time! So glad you were able to get a good amount of DVDs! That really is a great price!

    I hope you'll check out my giveaway! It's really good!


  6. I cant believe you braved it! Glad you found some good stuff though!

  7. Wow-Im impressed with your shopping!!! = )

  8. I love that shirt. Definitely buying it for my wardrobe! Thanks for sharing.

    Haute Wife Today

  9. Wow Walmart sounds insane!! I've never been a big Black Friday shopper. I hate the crowds and the lines!

  10. Dang girl I am impressed with your shopping skills! xo


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