DIY Cable Knit Christmas Tree Topiaries

This past weekend I worked on a fun Christmas DIY project for my parent's house as a gift to them: cable knit sweater Christmas tree topiaries! I just love these topiaries. They are festive and add some fun preppy elements to your holiday decor. 

Here is what you need to make your own: 
- Cone shaped styrofoam topiaries from a craft store (I used three: one large and two small)
- Cable knit sweaters (I used two from Salvation Army)
- A pencil or marker
- Fabric scissors
- Hot glue
- Tube shaped item to cover in fabric or short candle sticks (optional)

1. Start off by cutting the sleeves off of both sweaters. Then cut down the seams on the right and left side of each sweater so that the front and back of the sweater are separated. 

2. Lay the sweater down so that the inside is facing up. This will be the inside of your topiary. 

3. Place one of the styrofoam topiaries on the iside of the sweater. Using a pencil or marker (I used a sharpie because the material was so thick) roll the topiary, tracing the side and bottom edge. Cut the fabric along these lines with your fabric scissors. 
After your fabric is cut it should look something like this. 

 4. Using hot glue, start to attach the sweater fabric to the topiary. 

I used about three separate rows of hot glue and you want to ensure that you are keeping the fabric taut around the topiary. Wrap the fabric all the way around and secure with hot glue so the styrofoam can not be seen any more. If the seam is not perfect, dont'worry. You can either add some ribbon to cover the seam or just arrange your topiaries so it can not be seen. 

5. Pull the fabric down around the base of the topiary. If the topiary is going to be sitting on a flat surface (table, mantle, etc) then you do not need to cover the entire base. However if the topiary will be on some sort of stand, cut a fabric circle from one of the sleeves to cover the rest of the styrofoam. 

Here is the first topiary I made! 

6. I made two other topiaries from white fabric using the same process. They looked great but I wanted varying heights so I added a tree base made from the inside of a roll of toilet paper. I simply cut it in half and layered one inside the other for stability. Then I cut a rectangular shape out of white sweater fabric and wrapped/glued it all the way around the tube. Push the remaining two ends into each side of the tube and glue. 

7. Here are pictures of the finished product! 

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Have a wonderful Tuesday! xoxo
  1. Meggan those are so cute! That's a totally do-able DIY also! I love it!

  2. I found your cute blog through the DIY Holiday link up. Those are too precious- so warm and cozy! They might be added to my holiday crafting this year as well!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Love, love, love them. Great job GG!

    PS - I have a book wreath too ... that is a fun DIY as well!

  4. That's a great idea! I've seen these before on pinterest, but I had no idea how easy it was! Cute!!

  5. These looks so great Meggan! I want to make some of these too! I'm pinning this right now lol

  6. Cute idea! visiting your blog via the DIY Holiday link up.

  7. These are so cute! And maybe I could pull it off... I am not the most crafty though :-/ Thank you so much for entering the GIVEBACK on my blog. I am grateful for the support!

  8. Love these trees! So creative, yet easy!! Would love for you to link up @ Find Your Craft Friday over on my blog... Have a great Friday!!

    Emily @ BabyBerry

  9. They look so warm and cozy!! Great job!

  10. I am so glad you linked up to Find your Craft Friday. I absolutely love these trees!! And, they are cheap and easy! Love it!!!

  11. They look great in the dining room - love the pictures!

  12. Love this, Now I'm following you! Just featured you on my very first linky party, I would love for you to link up as well! Monday Myriad Linky Party @ The Allred Abode


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