Empanada Baking Party (And Recipes!)

I am so blessed to have amazingly creative friends, and last night's birthday party for our friend Lauren was no exception. Vicky hosted an empanada baking party for Lauren that was complete with empanada making lessons, wine, birthday cupcakes and amazing friends! If you have never eaten an empanada before I highly recommend trying it! They are so delicious and are a staple here in South Florida.

When we arrived Vicky had prepared the fillings (spinach, meat and ham/cheese) and had picked up the empanada dough from a specialty store.  We added our fillings to the dough and sealed each empanada by pressing the edges of the dough together. 

Spinach and Meat Fillings

Ham and Cheese Filling

Empanadas ready to go into the oven!

After 15 minutes, this is your finished product! 

Vicky, our beautiful hostess getting one of the pans ready! 

After eating way too many empanadas we sang Happy Birthday to Lauren! 

Vicky gave us the cutest party favors - 3 pieces of empanada dough so we could make our own at home! 

Vicky also gave us recipe cards for everyone to take home. Here are the three recipes that we used to make spinach, meat and ham/cheese empanadas. Enjoy!

  1. What a great idea! Looks like so much fun! Those empanadas look delicious!

  2. Theme parties are so much fun! And these empanadas look tasty!

  3. Such creativity!! I love how fun you and your friends are :)


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