Birthday Dinner Snapshots

Happy Wednesday! We are halfway through the work week! So...I hope you aren't completely sick of my birthday posts yet, I promise this is the last! Last night we had my family/friends birthday dinner at the Grateful Palette in Fort Lauderdale. My amazing mother in law decorated the table beautifully (see some of her other work here and here) in two of my favorite colors, pink and orange! Here just a few snapshots from the party.

  1. 1: I LOVE your clutch!!
    2: Redneck wine glasses are too hilarious and they always make me smile


  2. These pics are adorable! It looks like it was straight off of pinterest! And I love the clutch as well! Glad it was a good night for you!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QQQ

  4. Looks like so much fun! Terry is amazing!

  5. YAY! Looks like a fun celebration! You can't go wrong with sour candy :)

    Happy belated birthday!


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