My DIY Social Media Icons (Free Download!)

This weekend I worked on a project that I really surprised myself with...I designed and uploaded the new social media buttons that you see on the right hand side of my blog now! I always saw cute rows of social media icons on other blogs but I had no clue how to get that effect with out buying them from a blog designer. Through a lot of "googling" I was able to figure it out. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw these 45x45 pixel images, but you could also use any program that will allow you to save your image as a picture, like PowerPoint. Most of the social media sites like Pinterest and Twitter have logos that you can use to create your image.
Once each image was done and saved in either JPG or PNG format, I uploaded each one to Photobucket (you can use any public photo hosting website). Then came the tougher part for me, the HTML coding. There is a very basic HTML code that allows you to post an image with a link to your blog, but I kept messing it up somehow and I could not get the images to appear on my blog. So...I was very grateful that I found an incredible blog (here) that has the easiest way to customize your html content. You just have to insert the links to your social media sites and then also the direct links to your hosted Photobucket pictures. The HTML content that you create then needs to be added as an HTML widget.

Here is a link to download the social media buttons that I created if you want to use them on your blog! Once you get to the download page, click "Download This File".
Download Social Media Buttons Here!

If you have any questions about how I made these or how to upload them to your blog, feel free to email me! xoxo Meggan

  1. That's fantastic! Can you provide the HTML to photo bucket? xoxo A-

  2. I have been wanting to do this on my site for a while now. Thank you for the "how to". I am going to try it! Yours look great, by the way!!

  3. Again I say....You are AMAZING!!

  4. The link for the button sends me to Is there another link for the buttons? They are awesome!

  5. Good icons, thank you for sharing. To the note free vector social media icons here I found cool icons. I advise you to try. I look forward to your new work with icons.


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